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Day 24: Music. June 21, 2007

Posted by Joe in music, running.

Thursday. Up at 6am, eat some oatmeal, out for a run by 6:45. I warmed up with a 5 minute walk and then ran a full mile. I didn’t feel that good when I started, but I began to feel pretty good at the end. I am not extending the run yet. Maybe next week.

Been listening to a playlist in iTunes this week. Stuff from Moby to Linkin Park to Wolfmother. I’m searching for other music ideas, and waiting for some advice from my music sensei, Steve.



1. runchilde - June 23, 2007

i have become obsessed with my workout playlists since i started working out last month. Here are some favorite artists (I love hip hop so…)

1. Missy Elliott
2. Blackeyed Peas
3. Jurassic 5
4. Beyonce’/Destiny’s Child

2. Joe - June 23, 2007


I actually am switching between podcasts and playlists. I am so new to this I am still figuring out what works best for me. My music alternates between Moby, Linkin Park, Wolfmother, etc.

3. runchilde - June 24, 2007

cool! if you like moby, maybe you’ll like Bond (kind of high octane violinist group-sounds weird but cool). if you are into it, i use limewire.com for “file-sharing” and getting new music. i’m going to try the audio book thing too. someone just downloaded for me The History of Freedom from http://www.teach12.com good luck and i’ll be checking back to make sure you are busting your buns AND resting!

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