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Day 25: Rest. June 22, 2007

Posted by Joe in goals, running.

Friday Night. I couldn’t resist. It’s supposed to be the day I take off from running, but thoughts of running distracted me throughout the day. I downloaded some new “running music” for my iPod this afternoon, and this evening I gave in to the urge. It was my longest and most rewarding run so far. The route is 2.1 miles.

My plan was to walk for a few minutes to warm up, and attempt to run the rest 1.8 miles. I really didn’t think I would able to run 1.8 miles, and sort of anticipated running (at the very best) 1.5 and walking the rest. That would be huge for – a total success. As an aside, let me say that the slow progress I have been making has been very encouraging to me. I don’t look any different, but I am different. I can run longer, better. I am becoming a runner. Anyway, I ran the remaining 1.8 miles and then cooled down with a walk after that. This was immensely satisfying. Again, I am surprised.

So I’ll take the weekend off for sure, a real rest, and then hit it again Monday.



1. runchilde - June 23, 2007

wow. just stumbled across this looking for others working on getting (back) into shape. GREAT entry, glad you had a “zen” experience and are seeing some results! So cool and inspiring!

2. Joe - June 23, 2007

Thanks for leaving a comment! Looks like you and I are in similar situations. Keep at it!

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