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Day 29: Running Away. June 26, 2007

Posted by Joe in goals, running.

Tuesday. I flew out of state Monday morning to a much more humid climate. Good grief. I got set up in my hotel room, poked around town a bit, then at night I went for a run through the neighborhood. It felt different – running away from home – and really good. I got up this morning, ate, checked my  email and went for another run. I just got back and am stretching while I type.

My goal for this week long trip, staying in a hotel and eating out, is to return home in better shape than I left. A lower weight and being able to run better/easier/longer would be ideal. Forget that “maintaining” nonsense. I have a long way to go and cannot afford to take it easy. I stopped by a store and bought a jug of water to keep in my fridge (I’m going to have to get a new one tonight), and I have some good protein/energy bars that I like to eat shortly before a run.

This feels great and I am very encouraged. The conference starts this afternoon and I have a friend coming to stay in my hotel room in a few hours, so I have to get ready.



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