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Day 30: Staying at it. June 27, 2007

Posted by Joe in running.

Wednesday. Still out of town at the conference. It’s good, but being away from home – only 30 days into my new habits – has been hard. I have to eat out a lot, and sometimes late. Last night I had a chance to hang with a world renowned scholar for a late meal. I got a salad. Anyway, it’s harder to keep at it here, but I am trying. Running every day so far, today in the rain. Just a mile or so. I can’t wait to get back home and begin running my two mile course regularly.



1. runchilde - June 28, 2007

go joe go! corny i know, but i have a huge smile on my face b/c i’m tickled that you are working through one of my obstacles…working out on the road. your energy is contagious! keep it up!

2. Joe - June 29, 2007

Thanks runchilde. The worst part was having to eat out as much as I did. Whatayagonnado?

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