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Day 65: Records. July 31, 2007

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Tuesday. 3.1 miles today. On my last two runs I didn’t feel like I was properly hydrated, so I was sure to take care of that today. It was a hot and humid run this afternoon. I have decided to keep my running in the mornings or early evenings. Afternoons are just too hot right now.

record keeping
My little Moleskine for running.

I am a committed Moleskine user and have been recording my runs in a small journal. At first it was just the date, the mileage, and maybe a one word description like “bored,” “good,” etc. Late this month I began expanding each entry to include more info: location, how the run went, observations, etc.

Looking back I can see in this month of July I ran 45.44 miles. The first half of the month I was only running 2 miles at a time. The second half was 3 milers – so I am really excited to see what I log next month with consistent 3’s and the additional of 4’s.