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Day 34: Falling in Love. July 1, 2007

Posted by Joe in personal, running.

Sunday. Yesterday I was beat – really fatigued after the week long conference. Late nights, early mornings, maintaining running and a not so great diet – all these things I think contributed to me being over-tired this weekend. So I did not run yesterday (listen to your body stuff). So I was at it again this afternoon. 2.1 miles including the .3 warmup (walk). So 1.8 running. That’s really good for me, and man it’s a huge sense of accomplishment when I do it. The plan is for this to be my regular, daily run.

“I think I’m falling in love.” That’s what I said to myself as I was running last week in OK. It was a surprise, but I think I really am falling in love with this thing called running. I used to hate it, loathe it, but after 30+ days it’s winning me over. I love the simplicity and purity of it. Running. God made us to do it. It requires little to no equipment. It’s just me and the road. I love that. I love running through my neighborhood when it’s quiet. I love that I am seeing measurable (if small) progress. It makes me want to try harder in other areas as well – diet for example. Running makes me feel good. And though I am new, unexperienced and weak, it feels good to say that I am a runner.



1. Amy - July 14, 2007

congratulations on falling in love with running. She is a hard one not to like (on most days!)

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