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Day 35: Food. July 2, 2007

Posted by Joe in diet, personal.

Monday. Resting today. Went for a walk around the block, and will mow the lawn in a bit, but no running.

I love food. Looove it. I am not into sugars, but my snack of choice is chips (and dip). After that I like what most Americans like – meat, potatoes, bread, pasta and take-out. But now I’m running and working a healthier diet. My new approach to eating is relatively simple, though much more complex than just eating what I want. Obviously I am drinking a lot of water, and I do not eat late anymore. This was a huge challenge for me, but has been made easier by me going to bed earlier. (I prefer running in the morning, so it’s early to bed, early… you know.)

But what am I eating? First, I am following Dr. Madelyn H. Fernstrom’s advice in the Runner’s World Article, The Runner’s Diet. It’s very simple, showing how to determine your caloric intake for losing or maintaining weight, and how to break down the foods you eat throughout the day. In short, Fernstrom recommends 50% of your caloric intake come from carbs, 25% from proteins and 25% from fats. She also guides the reader in selecting good carbs/proteins/fats. I keep a running tally of what I am consuming. This is made simple via the internet which I have access to throughout the day at home or the office. So I have been making better choices, eating smarter. I eat if I am hungry. If I know I am going to be eating something high in calories (family going out for Chinese for example), I watch my portions and make adjustments throughout the rest of the day if possible.

If I am jonesing for Frosted Flakes, I go half and half mixing it with Special K or something like that. I have converted from regular to diet/caffeine-free soda. If I am craving those cheap frozen waffles I grew up on, I have sugar free syrup (That cuts about 200 calories from the syrup alone). I also allow myself “treats” if I am doing well, and am finding that small portions satisfy me just as much as large when it comes to something like a milkshake from Steak and Shake.



1. inshapeby30 - July 2, 2007

Hello there, Im also trying to loose some weight, I read your post for today. Dont you think that 50% of calorie intake coming from carbs is a little too much? Im not an expert but I read that if you want to loose weight and gained some muscle it should be more around 40% protein/40% carbs and 20% fats. Well good luck!!!!!

2. Joe - July 2, 2007

Thanks man. I am going with the doc on this one. It is working for me, I am not trying to gain muscle, and I this is suggested specifically for runners. But I am always interested in what others are doing.

3. runchilde - July 2, 2007

hey joe, i’m gonna check out that runner’s diet when i get a chance to slow down a bit. glad you made it back safe and the “falling in love” post is a smile-provoker! keep it up, i’m on my way to the gym after take a few days off too. i think i was over-doing it. you are doing it right, slow and steady. go buddy go!

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