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Day 44: Best Run Yet! July 11, 2007

Posted by Joe in goals, personal, running.

Wednesday. I work from my study at home on Wednesdays, so this allows me time to run in the morning. And today was my best run yet! Man, it felt (feels) great! I was able to run a full two miles without walking any of it, and I felt good the whole time. My secret is Steve. 🙂

On Monday Steve and I took our families to an orchard up north, picked raspberries, and spent the day together. I chatted with Steve about my run (and regression) and he encouraged me to do a few things.

1. Push through the desire to stop. If I can breathe, and am physically okay, most of the struggle is mental.

2. Warm up (I have not been doing this), cool down and increase the total amount of time you are working out.

3. Slow down. I may have been running to fast.

So I walked a 10 minute warm up, took my running pace down a notch while running two solid miles, and felt great the whole time. Cooled down after. I feel fantastic. I blogged about “running out of gas” while running back on day 22 and it was Steve who educated me on the need for pre-run fuel and lots of water. Thanks Steve. ‘Love you buddy!



1. Steve McCoy - July 11, 2007

Awesome! 🙂

2. rafael00 - July 13, 2007

Hey Buddy,

Just wanted to let you that I used your friend Steve’s advice yesterday during a race.

Long story short….I started out “too fast” (faster than I’m used to) and although I slowed the pace down a bit, I still felt the urge to stop or slow down further.

So, I remembered that Steve said that if you could breathe and you felt physically ok (I assumed that to mean no blister, cramps, the wheels were still on the wagon), then any pressure to stop was mental.

And so I kep pushing it and pushing it, until I finished and came in at close to a Personal Record!

See! And here you probably thought this blog was only for your own good!


3. Joe - July 13, 2007

That is really cool to hear Rafa. Thanks for sharing that! Steve is at the hospital staying with his wife who just came out of brain surgery a couple of hours ago (looks like everything went well). So I am not sure he will see your comment. I will let him know. BTW, I was looking at your Firstgiving site and thought I would hare that Steve’s oldest son has autism. Jack is an amazing kid who is really into Spiderman.

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