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Reading July 13, 2007

Posted by Joe in motivation, personal.

The Study

I am always hungry for more information on running. I blogged on how knowledge is a motivator for me, so today I stopped by the library to pick up a few things to keep me busy this weekend and next week. I picked up Ultra Marathon Man by Dean Karnazes, a back-issue of Runner’s World, and their Complete Book of Running. I love reading, and have since 1990 (that’s a long story). Anyway, I am eager to find time tonight to get to Karnazes’ book.

Yeah, the photo is a year old, but it clues you in a bit.



1. rafael00 - July 14, 2007


If you enjoy reading, you might like “SERIOUS Training for Endurance Athletes” by Ray Browning (a multi-Ironman Triathlon winner) and Rob Sleamaker.

It’ll give you a kind of formula or recipe for training, when you have the goal to do a race, and more importantly, it explains some of the physiology behind running in an easy to understand format.

By the way, you’re not so out of shape….at least not based on this photo. I’ve seen heavier people running Half Marathons. Here’s another unsolicted bit of advice…go watch a race and get in your mind what it looks like, how people run, what they do at the beginning versus the end, etc. Visualizing success (whatever that means for you) is a big part of the equation.


2. Joe - July 14, 2007

Thanks so much Rafa! I appreciate the advice and will be watching at least one local race here soon. I was surprised at the RW’s book on running. Based on everything else I have been reading – it wasn’t very good. The library didn’t have the book that was recommended to me on the RW boards, so I took what I could get.

I carry my weight pretty well, but I am 5′ 5″ and should weigh around 140. I was 180 when this photo was taken. I have been up to 196, but 180-186 has been my most constant weight for about the past 9 years. Most people never guess my weight to be at 180. Actually, at my most recent weigh in I came in at 171 lbs! I have not been this light since my Sr. year in college. I still have a long way to go, but losing weight is only a part of the journey. Mostly, I just want to run.

3. Tom - July 14, 2007

Joe, You’re a runner! Welcome! The only thing Amy and I love more than running is other runners, and even better runners who blog. You have an fascinating story. Congratulations on your progress with your running and fitness. I have dozens and dozens of books on running and can recommend all sorts for information, motivation, enjoyment, competing, fitness, improvement. You name it, I’ve read it. Thanks so much for listing Runners’ Lounge on your site. We’re going to enjoy staying connected with you. Keep up your great posting and running.


4. Joe - July 14, 2007

Thanks Tom! I am really enjoying it, and watching my slow/steady progress is exciting for me. I’ll be sending you an email seeking some advice.

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