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Day 49: 3.0 Baby! July 16, 2007

Posted by Joe in goals, running.

Monday. It’s my day off, so I can run in the morning. Fed my kids, had my pre-run breakfast, checked my email and did a half-mile warm up. I was planning on running my 2 miles and then adding a third mile to walk/run. Maybe. I’m never over-confident when adding distance, but try to remain hopeful.

Anyway, I was rocking the Podrunner podcast (the most recent, 178 BPM – “Rapid I Movements”) which I love, and as I was finishing the second mile and coming past my house I thought, “I am breathing well and feeling pretty good, let’s see just how far I can continue.” I scooped up the bottle of water I left on the front porch as I ran by and kept going. The third mile was hard, but felt very good. Again, I was surprised that I could keep going. This is huge for me. My time is slow, 35:54, but I feel good about it, since I am not competing with anyone other than myself. And I will improve over time as my weight continues to drop and my ability to run improves.




1. Tom - July 16, 2007

Joe, the awesome thing about running is there’s the huge multiple payoff. The more you run–and your gradual approach is great–the more weight you lose, the further you can run, the more muscle you gain, faster you get, the easier it feels. And when all those factors come together, then you continue losing more weight and all the rewards come right back at you again.

Amy and I work together and see each other several times a day and just commented how much we’ve enjoyed getting to know you through your blog.

Keep up the great work, Joe!

2. Joe - July 16, 2007

Thanks for all the encouragement Tom. You and Amy are helping me a lot over here.

3. Steve McCoy - July 16, 2007

Awesome Joe. Love to hear about your progress. Hope to get back on the road in the next couple of days.

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