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Day 50: Miscellanies. July 17, 2007

Posted by Joe in food/fuel, running.

Steady rain today, and it was really fun running in it. Because I ran yesterday I was not planning on going out today, but I have been reading Joe Henderson’s Running 101 and he recommended speed work to compliment what I have been doing as an aid in improving my running time. So this morning I went out to run one mile at an increased speed. Lightning fast baby! 10:29. Oh yeah, that’s not a typo – 10:29, for a mile. I should call Guinness. Wait, make that a Guinness Stout.

That may be slow, but it is significantly faster than my almost 12 minute average from yesterday’s 3 mile run, and I think I can do better. This should help me as various kinds of speed work will bring variety to my running, and give me unique goals to hit, which in the end will help my overall performance. Any thoughts on speed work, particularly as it relates to e beginner preparing for a 5k?

I have a pretty good idea what works for me as pre-run fuel when I run in the morning, but for some runs I just don’t have the opportunity to ensure I will have the energy. I have been playing with energy gels on such occasions. It seems as though they do help (I have never gassed out when using them), but the consistency is pretty awful. Any recommendations on better, quickly absorbed energy sources?


Blog Design.

I have changed the “theme” of this blog several times, and though my best friend is likely to express annoyance (again) I am only changing things when I notice a problem. The current design does not display as well in IE as it does in Firefox, and the body is a bit too narrow for my photos. I will be playing with this thing until I get it the way I like.



1. Kalapu - July 18, 2007

Yo Brah,

A lot of people swear by Clip and its associated powders. I’ve used them and find they are good as an alternative to goo. You might consider looking for a taste in goo that you like, buying the 16oz bottles and use the squirt bottles. Remember for distance there is nothing better than real food. There are some reasonably priced trail bars out there that are good, Nature Valley has a few.

My problem with the liquid energy drinks is that it limits ones intake of pure water. You are at the mercy of the drink and may find bloating a problem if you are doing distance. Nothing like running and hearing that sloshing as if you had installed a tub in your gut.

One bit of advice. Take it slowly. Remember that your muscles will respond much faster than your tendons and ligaments. You will be running like Popeye in no time, but the tendons will be way back in their development as they are white tissue and take longer to respond. Do not run through your pains on a regular basis. If you are over 40 or so good trail running will take you a year or two to get into if you want to do it without ripping something up in your knees or calves. Enthusiasm is not your friend in the Ultra field. Take Care and good luck!

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