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Competition. July 19, 2007

Posted by Joe in learning, personal.

I am not a very competitive person. Never have been. Even when playing games with others it’s always more about having fun, or at the most how well I can do personally. In my case competition is more exciting and fun when it is against myself, and this has made running the perfect for me. I can still win or lose (important experiences for everyone) based on my performance, but in more personal ways. At first I was winning when I simply ran at all, and would only lose if I failed to get out the door. Now I win when I complete my goals or beat my personal record (PR). As a number of authors, like Joe Henderson in Running 101, have pointed out the invention of the digital watch revolutionized running by making personal records common to everyone. Keeping track of my progress and my personal wins has been extremely encouraging and are my biggest motivators to keep pushing harder.

Speaking of Joe Henderson, he was recommended to me by Tom Green as a good resource – especially for the new runner. His book Running 101 was a very helpful read. If you are learning to run like I am, pick up a book by Henderson. I was able to get my copy from the public library.

A few other online resources I am finding valuable:

  • Everyone digs Runner’s World, but their forums and new training log that plans personalized running routes have been very helpful for me.

If there are resources that you find helpful in running I would love to hear about them.



1. Mark Grapengater - July 19, 2007

One of the coolest online toys, err, tools, is mapmyrun.com. It integrates google earth/maps and allows you to trace your route and has the ability to be used as a training log.

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