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Dogs July 20, 2007

Posted by Joe in personal.

I’m not a big dog guy. I don’t hate them, but they often seem to be more trouble than they are worth. We have a little dog, Manu, and she’s okay, but I would be just as happy if we didn’t have an animal in the house. Anyway, I am really starting to hate dogs on my runs. Here’s my typical experience. I am well into my run, just getting to that place where the run becomes easier, or at least more fun, and I am starting to think, “Wow, today could be a PR!” when out of a wormhole to hell Cujo leaps at me barking, in an attempt to either eat me alive or scare me to death. It seems like I just barely escape either fate. Each time this happens the beast is on a leash of some sort, but good grief it’s getting old. Just this week two little curly haired devils tried to pull away from their owner to attack me. I managed to play it off like, “Hey you cute little guys, you happy to see me?” But in reality I am masking my own fear while trying to frustrate those little creatures even more, because I tend to think they are malevolent beings bent on intentionally ruining my run.

Gracie the Pit Bull

I am eager to get out and run today, and am praying I only come across bipeds, but I know it’s only a matter of time until I come across an unchained dog who will be more than happy to chase me. Thankfully Runners World has offered a lot of advice concerning such a scenario.



1. Steve McCoy - July 20, 2007

I’m a bit paranoid about dogs during my run too. I remember as a kid our dog scared a jogger and he yelled up to the house and told me that if my dog ever tried to bite him he would kill him and leave him on my doorstep. I think you should take that route.

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