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Running Free(ish) July 24, 2007

Posted by Joe in personal.

One of the things I love about running is that it is free. No gym memberships, not much equipment to buy. Outside of a good pair of shoes a runner doesn’t need much. Of course we want a lot of things: iPod, Garmin, specialty clothes, etc. but we need very little. And what we do need is not that outside of the box compared to what we would be buying anyway. Shoes? Clothes for summer/winter? A decent watch?

As a new runner, just 58 days now, I thought I would share my gear. Here is what I have been using for every run this summer:

  • Asics: This is where I spent a little money, but the shoes are great.
  • Shorts: 1 pair, 10 years old now, but they don’t ride up my legs. They get washed a lot.
  • T-shirts: I have four old, cheap, cotton tees I cycle through.
  • Socks: No special running socks yet. Just the normal athletics.
  • iPod: I had this well before I started running, but it is being used less and less. Once I hit 3 mile runs I almost completely stopped using it.
  • Watch: A very cheap digital with a stopwatch.
  • Small, Moleskine notebook to record my runs.

(Click the pic for notes)

Now, I know better socks will become important the longer I run. I am familiar with the benefit of specialty clothing for hot and cold days. But money is tight and I have to make due. When winter hits, I will be prepared with some good running clothing, but still plan on keeping things simple. The point is, while running can be about the hype and the products, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it shouldn’t be. It’s simplicity and freeness is part of the attraction.



1. runchilde - July 26, 2007

lol. we do get caught up in our gear don’t we? i got a new nike watch today (old one died) and i’m excited to try it out. i am contemplating street running (vs on the treadmill) i think i’ll progress faster, and like you i don’t like music when i’m on the street, but can’t run w/o it on the treadmill….weird. i miss that running “zone” where you’re all blissed out and inside your own head. keep it up!

2. Joe - July 26, 2007

Everyone has set backs. What counts is what you do now, right?! Yeah, I don’t think I could run on a treadmill. It has to be street running for me. I love it outside – even in the rain.

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