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Day 59: 3.5 Miles July 25, 2007

Posted by Joe in log, music, running.

Wednesday. I upped the distance today and ran 3.5 miles around the campus of NIU, and through part of downtown DeKalb while listening to The Pogues (map here). I am feeling good and excited to keep increasing distance and improving time.

Dekalb Shell
My last mile took me right past this spot.



1. Amy - July 25, 2007

Wow! So, 59 days ago did you dream that 3.5 would feel this good or be easy?!?

2. Joe - July 25, 2007

When I started, I thought it was possible, but I had no idea how long it would take to get to this point. Even more shocking is the idea that I love it like I do. I started running to get into shape, but that this point I am running because I love it, and want to become a better runner. I run for joy, and though I am nowhere near an elite runner, I feel comfortable repeating Eric Lidell’s words, “When I run I feel [God’s] pleasure.” Weight loss, feeling better, living longer, fighting disease, etc. are all rolled into the reasons I run, but are now ancillary.

3. Tom - July 25, 2007

Joe, running progress is so uplifting and just makes life seem better. I really like your comment “I run for joy” Soon, you’ll be “looking down” at 3.5 from longer runs, and they’ll be easier and even more fulfilling. Keep up the great posting!

4. runchilde - July 26, 2007

love the new template! so clean and fresh! i can’t tell you how excited and inspired i am by your accomplishments! keep up the great work. I’m coming up on your right one of these days!

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