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Where I Run July 27, 2007

Posted by Joe in running, thoughts.

In my 61 days of being a runner I have not stepped foot on a treadmill, and don’t really want to. Running in place seems more like a form of punishment, and less like running. I’m not knocking those who run on treadmills, I just am not personally interested. The bike trails aren’t really for me either. They have a smooth, paved surface, and are pretty (the Fox River, the trees, etc.) but it’s all the same. I do not enjoy running repeating loops to cover distance. 3 loops equaling 3 miles has some psychological impact on me that makes the run less enjoyable than running one long loop. My wife thinks I have ADD (I did take Vitain R when I was a kid), but I think we’re all just wired differently and like different things.

Part of what I love about running is being outside, in the neighborhood, propelling myself along real streets. More specifically, I like to run routes that allow me to travel through a variety of contexts; quiet residential streets, commercial/industrial districts, and high-traffic/more urban areas. During yesterday’s run I enjoyed running along busy downtown streets and quiet neighborhoods. I ran by graffiti tagged buildings, an art gallery, a porn shop, restaurants, quiet homes with neatly manicured lawns, low-income housing with happy children playing outside, kids playing basketball, Dads mowing their lawns, and moms pushing strollers with sticky-faced kids looking at the sweaty bald man running toward them. The various sights, sounds and smells all make running more enjoyable for me. I am forever grateful for RW’s Training Log with mapping feature and mapmyrun.com. They allow me to make up routes that take me to and through the places I enjoy the most.

These are photos of places along the route I ran yesterday (taken months before I started running).



dekalb secretarial




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