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Day 66: PRs. August 1, 2007

Posted by Joe in goals, PRs.

Wednesday. I ran 3 miles this morning in 31:45, and that makes today’s run… another PR! Woo-hoo! That’s an average of 10:35 per mile. This is part of the fun of being a new runner. You set a lot of personal records. When you start running by dragging yourself around the block once – everything after that is a PR. Hey two blocks this week! Wow, a mile! etc. This means there is often cause for celebration, and of course such PRs motivate me to run harder – no, “better” is more appropriate. My goal for my first 5k race in October is to come in just under 30 minutes. That may be unrealistic, but it’s what I’m shooting for and with today’s run I feel like such a goal is within sight.



1. kara - August 1, 2007

You have a realistic goal – Go For It!
I’m running in limbo right now – no goals…

2. Running Ragged - August 1, 2007

With your determination (that radiates out of your blog) you should have no problems completing the 5k in under 30!

Don’t push yourself too hard every day though! Give them “old” bones some recovery time, you’ll be stronger in the long run.

Keep up the good work! 🙂

3. Joe - August 1, 2007

Thanks guys. And I appreciate the advice Runnin’. The last thing I want is to get an injury that would hinder my running – or die of a heart attack!

4. Dan - August 1, 2007

I am not fast by any stretch of the imagination but I will tell you my first 5K (one year ago was 32:13. I now have a PR of 27:33, and getting faster. You will break 30 in a race and if you don’t you soon will. Keep up the great work.

5. Joe - August 1, 2007

Dan, I’ve been to your blog a number of times and have been encouraged by your transformation. Thanks man.

6. Nick - August 1, 2007

You’ve got it brother — Under 30 should be no problem at all in October… I even predict that you’ll do MUCH better than 30.

7. Runchilde - August 1, 2007

Wow. Joe you inspired me to just do it. Really, I just had that itch and I lumbered/jogged/walked/ran around the neighborhood. only 22 minutes, but you are a testament to the mantra that the hardest part is the start. you are on FIRE man!

8. Brian - August 2, 2007

I think you will be surprised with how well you do. Races always turn out faster than you expect.

One piece of advice, something I just learned on my first 5k, start at the back of the pack (for every race, actually, until you have ran that distance a couple of times and know your pace) since you aren’t used to racing. The tendancy is to run fast and hard, even if your game plan is to not, simply because the front of the pack start out that fast. Kind of like a group mentality. By starting in the back you are forced to not start too fast, and thus are able to run your race.

I started at the front of mine and went out like a maniac, and I soon realized it was because I was standing next to people who were running 5-6 minute miles. No way I could keep up with them. Luckily I was able to slow it down some and finish strong.

9. Joe - August 2, 2007

Thanks Brian. Yeah, I plan on starting in the back. I have read that in a few places. It’s good to hear it again from someone who has experienced it.

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