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Day 68: 4 Miles! August 3, 2007

Posted by Joe in PRs, running.

Friday. Got a lot of work done today, was feeling good, eager to try the four mile run again, and just happened to bring my running clothes and shoes. It was 87° out at 3pm – not too bad, but hotter than this newbie likes. I decided to go for it and though it wasn’t easy I finished all four miles running (PR for distance baby!).  Here are the details: I ran a 4.09 mile loop in 46:12 w/out my iPod. (Anyone want to buy my shuffle? It’s brand new.) Anyway, my average pace was 11:17 – pretty typical for me. It got tough at a couple points, and I thought about taking a walk break a few times. After thinking through all of the reasons not to do that, the biggest reason I persevered is because I was afraid if I did walk a bit, I would wind up walking the rest of the way. Man, I am pumped!



1. Running Ragged - August 3, 2007

Woot! Congratulations! 🙂

2. Nick - August 3, 2007

Congrats Joe — you’re moving along nicely! Good for you.

3. Joe - August 4, 2007

Thanks guys.

4. Nancy - August 4, 2007

Hey Joe – Great job on the run, I love all the milestones, many of them distances, but many of them mental, as well. You did a great job especially in that heat.

Isn’t this fun?? Keep it up!!!

5. runchilde - August 4, 2007

Sweeet! Cheering for you over here. You’re making me look forward to the weather cooling off and doing the couch to 5k tonite! Go Joe, Go Joe! Hey did you say your wife is running/runner? How is she coming along? What has she said (if anything) about your transformation to a runner?

6. Joe - August 4, 2007

She is very happy for me and is very supportive/encouraging, though she is not herself running right now.

7. Amy - August 4, 2007

Way to go! 4 miles was my “magic” number when I started running and still today, 12 years later, is still my most favorite distance. Enjoy the milestone.

8. rafael00 - August 10, 2007

Joe, the cool thing is that with the progress you’re making physically, you should also be feeling a psychological transformation. After all, if only 60 days ago you could only go around the block and you can now go 4 miles, you should start to see that you are able to do a lot more than you ever conceived.

In other words, it’s only a matter of weeks before you can do 6 miles comfortably!

Good luck, enjoy your training, and the increasing feeling of health. You’re an inspiration to us all.


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