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Day 77: Sabotage. August 12, 2007

Posted by Joe in frustration, goals.

Sunday. I finally went for a run – maybe a bit too soon after dinner. It was warm and humid, but nothing too bad. I was running in my first pair of tech shirt and shorts. I must say, these things do make a run more comfortable! Alas, my run was only 2 miles. I walked the rest. What’s bothering me about this is that I think my quitting was purely mental. I was tired, but my legs felt fine and I was breathing the same as I was at  mile 1. Perhaps I let myself get too worked up about not running for a week. Maybe I sabotaged myself by thinking I probably wont run very well. Maybe. How can you know? But I am certain of this: this week I will be back in form and on target.



1. Angela - August 13, 2007

Running is such a psychological sport – a true mind and body trainer.

2. jason - August 13, 2007

Tech shirts and shorts make a heck of a difference.

Running is a bigtime mental thing. I did a post the other day on visualization and how important it is to do. It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t, but for me, it helps most of the time. I visualize what my perfect run is. I get very specific like what the weather is like, what sounds I hear, how much I’m sweating, etc. Then I go out and run that run. Hang in there…you’ll find your way 🙂

3. Running Ragged - August 13, 2007

We are allowed runs like that…your next one will be much better!

4. Brian - August 13, 2007

I am right there with you. After finishing the marathon I hardly ran the week after in order to recover. Then the second week after (or last week) I ran almost 14 miles over the week and it felt good, but I capped it off with a 5 mile race. The marathon soreness was gone, but think I may have tweaked a ligament on my right foot (leftover from the marathon), which gave immense pain when running downhill. Now, the third week after the marathon, I will have to not run all week in order to prevent further injury. Even though I want to run and feel that I can! Frustrating, very frustrating.

Any time I have taken some time off the first run or two are always the hardest to get back into it. You’ll run out of it though, so no worries.

5. Joe - August 13, 2007

Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I really do appreciate it!

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