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Vacation Frustration August 12, 2007

Posted by Joe in frustration, personal.

Since late May I have been running very consistently every week. 4/5 times a week, even when away from home, staying at a hotel. So I found our vacation to a cabin in the Ozarks a bit frustrating when running felt impossible. It was a very rural context with no trails. The roads (which I prefer to run on anyway) where very hilly. Thank you Ozarks. Between the hills and the heat I reluctantly took the week off, only running one day for a little over a mile. I was afraid I might have put some weight back on, or that my growing ability to run would somehow evaporate. Thankfully I did not gain any weight back.

Despite the absence of running, the vacation was awesome. The fam’ had a much needed, very fun, week of doing nothing but  swimming, fishing, and reading. No phones, internet, schedules… I didn’t even wear a watch. I am very eager to get back to running tonight after it cools off a bit.



1. Amy - August 12, 2007

Welcome back. Sometimes the best thing for your running is a break. I bet you will enjoy this week of runs a bunch.

2. Joe - August 12, 2007

Thanks Amy. I am very amped up to get back onto the streets this week.

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