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Day 78: The Return. August 13, 2007

Posted by Joe in gear, personal, running.

Monday. 3.1 miles in 35.21. IN YOUR FACE! Not you reading. I’m talking to the monster “Discouragement” who runs up along side me on some runs and tries to talk me into quitting. He was successful yesterday – bringing me to a walk just after 2 miles. But tonight I kicked its butt. There was never the option of stopping. I went out at 8pm, the temps were in the low 70’s as the sun was going down, and the run was pleasant. Even exciting during the last mile. I took it easy with my pace, and was able to step it up quite a bit when I got back to my neighborhood. It felt great, I am greatly encouraged, and feel like I have returned and can get back to learning to run (better).

And bonus: my very hot and supportive wife bought me a new watch for running. It’s no Garmin, but it is exactly what I wanted and need. Something simple and cool looking that will keep track of my splits.




1. Steve McCoy - August 13, 2007

Hey, I ran 3.4 miles today in the same time! Ok, didn’t run. But at least I didn’t feel like running. Great to see you back in the “saddle,” pretty new watch. You are geared up and ready to go. Well done.

2. Running Ragged - August 14, 2007

Woot! See!! We have to have crappy runs so we can have excellent ones right after. 🙂

Isn’t it great to have supporting spouses (etc), I think that helps alot.

3. Joe - August 14, 2007

Thanks guys. Even though this is was nowhere near my best time, the run felt right, good – which is the most important part for me. Wednesday will be interesting as I work the 4 mile run back into the week.

4. kate - August 15, 2007

Ah, I hate that ‘discouragement’! It seems to show up at the most opportune times! Glad to hear you pushed it away!

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