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Day 85: The Indignity. August 20, 2007

Posted by Joe in animals, frustration, running.

Monday. 3.1 miles in 33:33. It rained all last night, and this morning it’s overcast and very humid. But no sun, so it wasn’t so bad. I crossed paths with another runner, and a few walkers. All friendly.

As I got back to my house there was a big, strange, unleashed, dog in my front yard barking at me as I ran home. All of the stories I read in Runner’s World about people getting attacked by unleashed dogs while running began to flash in my mind. The indignity of being barked off your own lawn was enough to make me want to handle the situation in a less socially acceptable way. My initial thought was, “I’m pretty confident I could kill that dog if it attacked me.” But disposing of a dog I killed on my front lawn would interrupt my plans for the day. And it would make my daughter cry if she found out. More realistically, the dog would tear me up and I would hate for some animal bites to sideline me, especially so early on as a runner. So I followed conventional wisdom slowing to a walk, not making eye contact with the dog, and eventually he/she ran off.



1. Running Ragged - August 20, 2007

I have a ‘favorite’ dog like that on my run…He hasn’t come into our yard, but I have go past his house twice on every run and he runs into the street to ‘meet’ me…my husband suggested pepper spray, but I am always worried that I’d just make that ‘beast’ angier and meaner.

I am glad you used the slow walk, no eye contact method…works for me (as of yet) every time. I am sure your daughter and the people at the ER are glad you did too. 😉

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