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Day 86: Clickless. August 21, 2007

Posted by Joe in log, personal, running.

Tuesday. 4 miles in 46:47. Man it’s humid and maybe that was what kept my pace slow. It was a tougher run for me tonight, but I am very happy I ran the whole thing, and am sure my next run will go better.

Oh, and something great happened this week – the clicking stopped! When I started running 86 days ago my right knee suddenly began clicking whenever I went up stairs, or pushed my lawn mower up the incline of our front yard. I talked with a number of runners and it sounded like a common thing. I also did some reading and it looked like I need to stretch well after my runs and not worry about it. It hasn’t been painful, but it felt awkward – especially after mowing the lawn. And I’ll admit, I was obsessing about it a little bit. “Click…click…click” with every stride up the stairs – until this week. It stopped as suddenly as it started. All this week, up the stairs and mowing the lawn, has been quiet and smooth.



1. runchilde - August 21, 2007

phenomenal! 4 miles! you go boy!

2. Amy - August 21, 2007

My knees grind/click/whir so bad that I can wake up my kids going up and down the stairs. Hasn’t killed me yet – it is a badge we runners wear. Great to know that yours stops – keep the stretching and fluids going.

3. Brian - August 22, 2007

Yeah, the humidity will really slow you down. I don’t run in heat too often, but when I do I am never prepared. I would start out great, and then all of a sudden my miles get considerably slower. The heat sapped my energy…

Strange, I’ve heard of the clicking noise… At least I will know what it means when/if it happens to me…

4. jason - August 23, 2007

Yeah, I have that clicking too. They say that every time a knee clicks an angel gets his wings….sorry I just couldn’t stop typing 🙂

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