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Day 88: Just missed it. August 23, 2007

Posted by Joe in log, running.

Thursday. 3.1 miles in 33:00:07. Man I pushed hard at the end to come in under 33, but just missed it.  The first mile and half was running into the wind. That was annoying, but not too bad. The second half of the loop was wind free (lots of buildings and trees to block it). The previous run, a difficult 4 miler, left my hamstring a little tight. After todays run and some good stretching it’s feeling great now.

I am not doing away with my little Moleskine journal, but have included the Running Ahead website to track and share my progress. You can see my calendar here.



1. runchilde - August 23, 2007

ooooh….you got robbed Joe. Robbed I say! But, tomorrow, tomorrow is another chance for the PR! Good luck and stay healthy!

2. jason - August 23, 2007

dude, your watch was off….it was under 33….trust me 🙂

3. Running Ragged - August 24, 2007

I looked at your training progress…that is very inspiring…keep up the good work!!!

You’ll get the sub 33 on your next run! I just know it!

4. Joe - August 24, 2007

Thanks a lot guys. I am looking forward to my next run! But it’s longer so… we’ll see how I do.

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