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Interruptions August 26, 2007

Posted by Joe in frustration.

Night Train

There are train tracks a few blocks from my house. If I am doing the 4 or 3 mile loop I wind up crossing the tracks at least once. After all of my runs the train has only forced me to stop twice – each time lasting about 6 seconds. But I have two questions. When you hit an interruption like that, something at least as long as a minute…

1. Do you stop your watch until you can get going again?

2. Do you jog in place, stand there, or stare at the interruption and yell, “Come oooooooon!”



1. Brian - August 26, 2007

Haha, good one. I would say stand there and yell “Come ooooooon!” together. Luckily I haven’t run into this situation yet…

As for the watch, I would definitely stop it. If I stop and walk or stop to drink of my own accord while running then I leave it running, but if something would happen that would stop me then I would stop the watch.

That there is my two cents.

2. Brian - August 26, 2007

Not sure what’s going on… The last few times I have tried to leave a comment it keeps giving me an error message…

Anyway, I would definitely stop the watch. If I stop of my own accord during a run then I leave the watch running. But if someting forces me to stop then I stop the watch.

Um, how about standing and yelling?

3. Dan Barnett - August 27, 2007

“Come oooooooon!”?? Is this Steve’s or Joe’s blog? 🙂 Yeah stop the watch, and either run in place, run around the block, or take the chance to cool down a little with a small walk in a big circle or something. Maybe get daring and hurdle in between the cars?

4. Running Ragged - August 27, 2007

I stop my watch if it’s gonna be a while otherwise I just let it run. Odds usually are that I’ll forget to start it up again once I get going! lol

Congratz on your 5 miler!

5. Amy - August 27, 2007

Stop and enjoy the breeze of the train!

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