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Day 94: A tough one. August 29, 2007

Posted by Joe in gear, learning.

Wednesday. 4 Miles in 43:52. That’s about right for my 4 mile runs. Man, today was hard. Discouragement ran up along side me and tried to talk me into walking for a while. He showed up just before mile 2, and stayed with me into mile three. I ignored him and kept running.

I did run with my iPod again (listening to the American Cinematographer podcast), and perhaps it’s coincidence, but I really do seem to run better without it. I’ll keep it off for the next two runs and compare.



1. Running Saturday « intersect - September 1, 2007

[…] at all when you run?  Joe Thorn has been talking about running with his ipod versus without (Here and here).  I run with my ipod and I typically listen to music or a sermon/conference session of […]

2. runchilde - September 1, 2007

when i run outside i run better/prefer to run w/o the benefit of iPod. But there’s no way i can run on a treadmill/do indoor cardio without it. weird. glad you dodged the dog and the car, stay safe out there!

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