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Day 100! September 4, 2007

Posted by Joe in goals, personal.

Tuesday Night. 3.3 Miles in 34:01. It’s not a scheduled day to run, but since this is day 100, and I was eager to run at night I decided to  run a celebratory slow/comfortable 3.3 miles.  I had a big dinner tonight, and though I waited an hour and a half, it was still a little too soon to be out there. And the mosquitoes drained half my blood while I ran through a construction area covered in standing water, but it was still a pretty cool run. I have been doing this for 100 days now and only missed one week of running while on vacation. I continue to drop weight and am just outside of the half way point (20 lbs lost) of my weight loss goal (40lbs). I may hit it by the end of this week. I am very excited about running this fall, and a little nervous about my first 5k in October.



1. Running Ragged - September 5, 2007

You’ll do just fine in your 5k; you have a great running base to do well in it! I bet you’ll be (pleasantly) surprised by your finishing time.

I remember my first 5k: The way I was chuggin’ down water/sports drinks you would have thought I was running an Ultra…I was sooo worried about dehydrating. I just ended up having to go to the bathroom really bad! lol

Your weight loss is really impressive; did you change your eating habits as well? Keep up the good work!

2. Amy - September 5, 2007

I can remember reading you for the first time when you were just a month into your running. And, now, look at you – you are quite a runner. And 20 pounds lighter! That is so cool!

Sorry that your next run was tough – but just reread your posts from the week before and remember how far you have come.

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