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Day 101: What the Heck?! September 5, 2007

Posted by Joe in frustration.

Wednesday. 3.2 miles in oh, who even cares? I started out this afternoon on a four mile run, and only did a 3.2 mile run – gassing out just after 2 miles and walking about a half mile over all. Maybe it’s because I deviated from the training schedule that has treated me so well for the past several weeks. Or running three days in a row. Or running in the afternoon heat after getting used to the recent cooler temps. Maybe I’m just a wuss. All of the above? I am definitely taking tomorrow off and getting back to it on Friday. Things have been going so well overall, with steady progression in running and weight loss, I guess I should take this without whining. Oops, too late.



1. jason - September 5, 2007

Cut yourself some slack man. You’re not a wus. Everyone has bad running days. Look at it this way. You’re one of the few people in the world trying to better your health. And you are doing it. The weight loss is proof.

I try not to run 3 days in row as when I do, I feel like crap afterwards. I usually run two days in a row and then rest. The heat is a major thing that I think most folks tend to discount. It can really screw with your run. Even a little increase in temperature can have drastic effects. When I ran into a similar problem like yours, I decided I would never run in the afternoons or evenings during the summer. Mornings only. In fact, I’d probably skip a run if I had to do it in the afternoon on a warm day.

Hang in there 🙂

2. Running Ragged - September 6, 2007

Give your body a break, enjoy the day off and go back at it stronger the following day.

Remember, we are all allowed to have bad days! They make the good days even better!

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