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Cold Weather Wear September 12, 2007

Posted by Joe in cold, learning.

I started running in the summer, and didn’t discover the benefit of tech clothes until the end. Wow – what a difference. I have been able to secure most mornings for running and the temps are dropping here in northern Illinois. It was in the 40’s this morning. I have never run in cooler temps before and need help pulling together the proper clothes. I know layers are key, but can you guys help me out with this? What should I purchase? How many layers? Any articles that would be helpful?



1. Brad Williams - September 12, 2007

So Joe, what are tech clothes? I wish that I could help you with the layers thing, but I run in South Louisiana. It won’t get cold here until…well, pretty much it gets cold for 3 days in Feb. I’ll take those days off.

2. markcombs1978 - September 12, 2007

I would recommend the kind of clothes you are getting. The kind that wick away the sweat from your body, “tech clothes”. I heard once that when you run, you get 10 degrees warmer. So that would have meant you were in the 50’s while running.

It just depends on what you think you can handle. If I’m cold & in weather like that I’ll wear a long sleeve running shirt, like the ones you are getting and some shorts. It has to get pretty cold before I’ll start wearing pants (30’s and below), but that is because I sweat a lot!!!

The thing I have to keep warm are my hands. So I would also point you to getting a good pair of running gloves.

3. Dan Barnett - September 13, 2007

Joe, diddo on the tech clothes. Very important are the gloves as it gets colder. You don’t need anything expensive. I’ve always been just fine with the little $0.99 strech gloves. You know the ones that look like kids gloves, but could fit Michael Jordan. They can keep you pretty warm. As long as you’re keeping your fists relaxed and unclinched you should be fine with those. For us bald men a hat might help too. Under armour and New Balance each make a hat that’s really thin and can fit in you coat pocket.

4. Running Ragged - September 13, 2007

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