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Day 117: Groove. September 21, 2007

Posted by Joe in goals.

Friday. 3.1 miles in 31:30. Man, the run felt great today. From start to finish the whole thing felt very comfortable. Like I found the right pace – or groove – today. Or something. Oh, and no dogs! I am not so sure that I’ll be able to break the 30 minute barrier for my first 5k run, but here’s to hopin’!



1. Nick Kennicott - September 21, 2007


Have you varied your pace at all throughout the week? Sometimes, we get settled in on a static pace and don’t ever get any faster no matter how much more the body is capable of handling because it comes muscle memory. If you work at least 1 sprint workout into your routine every week and one short, fast run that pushes your anaerobic threshold, you will see a dramatic increase in your overall day to day speed. I think the speed workouts are the worst, yet one of the most helpful to get you off a plateau. It’s common place for every runner.


2. Brad Williams - September 21, 2007


If I were a betting man, barring bad weather, I bet you’ll break 30 minutes on your first 5K. I ran in one a couple of months ago, and I finished in just under 28 minutes. When you are running with all of those people, and you get so stoked about being out there and reaching for your goal, that’s worth a minute or two!

I was bummed before I got to my first 5K since high school b/c the practice run I had before the race I *barely* finished 3 miles. I felt terrible, so I figured I’d do poorly at the race. But it turned out well, and I pray that it will for you as well.

3. Nick - September 22, 2007


If things go well this next week, I hope to enter a 5K next Saturday. I will still be doing intervals of running and walking, but it’s a breast cancer run so there will be a lot of people walking.

4. Joe - September 22, 2007

Nick K, thanks for the advice! I have been reading some great articles on that – even in the brand new RW magazine.

Brad, I have heard as much from others as well. It’d be nice to get myself there first and then see where the race takes me beyond it. But for now, Ill just have to be content.

Nick, that’s awesome man.

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