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Day 118: Half Way? September 22, 2007

Posted by Joe in music, personal.

Saturday. 5.1 miles in 56:03. Not fast, but the run felt very good and I am still amazed that I am able to run this far at all – even more so that I can do it without stopping. Even more so that I truly love running! During the run I listened to a great sermon by Tim Keller (Presbyterian pastor in Manhattan), then the official Lost podcast, and the song “Are You There?” by Klint on my little iPod shuffle. Anyway, that brings the week’s total mileage to 16.8 miles. I started running 118 days ago. Two more days will mark four months and I have already passed the half-way point in terms of weight loss. ‘Not even close to being the kind of runner I dream of being, but I am on my way.



1. runchilde - September 22, 2007

i love it! i wish i could articulate how much you (and the rest of the blog community like half-fast, etc) are an inspiration. this is the toughest thing i’ve ever tried to do, and coming here, and cheering your success, learning from your insights and celebrating your transformation are a big part of why i don’t doubt i’ll be successful. cheers to you learning man!

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