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Day 146 October 20, 2007

Posted by Joe in PRs.

Saturday. 5.1 miles in 51:31. The cold rains have kept me from running much this week, but today was clear and I had the time. It was a great run. Not the fastest, but it felt great. Ok, actually it was my fastest time by like 9 seconds – but I am really trying to get this run down to something under 50 minutes. I wound up running along side another runner for a few blocks. We kept the same pace until she turned off on a different street. It was kind of cool running next to someone and keeping pace with them. Huh. Maybe I will run with a friend some time.



1. Brian - October 20, 2007

See, this is just another indication that you should move your long run to at least 6 or 7. You are ready for it. Then before you know it you’ll be running the half marathon and looking forward to a marathon.

I don’t run with other runners too often but when I do I find that my running improves. Seriously, I get faster and I feel like I can run longer. And I don’t even have to be running the same pace as my friend/runner, just knowing that they are out there and that we are running the same pace. Its pshycological or something.

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