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Becoming: Day 150 October 24, 2007

Posted by Joe in becoming.

At day 150 I run 5 miles every time out and will be adding a longer run on the weekend. I am now 154 lbs bringing my total weight loss to 26 lbs. I haven’t been as disciplined with my caloric intake for the past week, but I am back on track again. My immediate goal is to hit the 140’s by Thanksgiving. That shouldn’t be a problem at all if I keep running and watch the calories. I am feeling great.

One of the fabulous frustrations is that I have had to buy new clothes. I have gone from a 36″ waist in all my pants and jeans to a 31″ waist. All shirts are now mediums, previously I had to wear larges. My sport coats no longer fit at all. So I have at the moment one pair of new jeans that fit, and one pair of new khakis. I have about 4 new shirts that work for me as well and one new coat. That’s my wardrobe at the moment. I am waiting until I hit my goal 140lbs before buying any more clothes.



1. Steve McCoy - October 24, 2007

Your sport coats no longer fit? Wow, that will really impact that one day each year you wear one. 🙂 Love to keep up with your progress bro.

2. Running Ragged - October 25, 2007

Get back on track with what you put in your mouth and you’ll be out buying new close come Turkey time! 🙂

Even with your lack in calorie-intake-discipline your progress is still impressive!

3. Running Ragged - October 25, 2007

Make that “clothes” not “close”!

4. Joe - October 28, 2007

Thanks guys. Yeah, I am back on track and will be picking up some warmer running wear on Monday to keep me running through the rest of the fall – then I’ll have to go shopping for winter.

5. JVP - October 29, 2007

As they say, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. I went running last week on a wet and windy day in the upper 40s. I was wearing short sleeves and shorts. After about 6 or 7 minutes I warmed up, but I sure got some strange looks from people who were walking around all bundled up!

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