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Day 160: 7 Miles! November 3, 2007

Posted by Joe in cold, PRs.

Saturday. 7.3 miles in 1:24:02. A SLOW but steady run that felt very good on this the 38° November morning. I mapped a route that takes me straight out into the country from my house and brings me back. Out and back. This worked great for me: running on asphalt, little to no traffic, and NO LOOPS that pass my house encouraging me to call it quits at every pass. Now that I know I can do it, I ill try to bump up my pace next time. I also felt like I could have kept running.

I went out in layers and at mile 1 I had to remove the hat, jacket and gloves, and tie it around my waist. Much better. But then when I hit the turn-around point the wind was hitting me differently and I had to throw it all back on. Again – much better. So the layers are working well so far. I am not blogging after every run, but will at least put up a weekly report.



1. Amy - November 4, 2007

Out and backs are the only way for me! There is something so magical for me, after all these years, to run past the 6 mile mark. It starts feeling very real to run a good bit more than an hour. Great job Joe!

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