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Making a Spectacle of Myself November 16, 2007

Posted by Joe in cold.
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I read an article this morning in the Enquirer (no, not that Enquirer) which points out “more than 4,700 pedestrians were killed on America’s roads last year.” Eesh. Although I am now spending over 20 hours a week on the roads, rarely on the sidewalks, it is usually during daylight hours, and always against traffic. But with the shorter days this winter I imagine I’ll be logging hours when it’s dark, and this means I’ll need to get some clothing that will alert drivers to my presence. As much as I do not enjoy making a spectacle of myself, I suppose it’ll be safer.

My new Adidas jacket is dark blue, but has bright reflective stripes down the sleeves. So, I guess that’s pretty good. Thankfully I still have to buy my winter running gear so I can get some bright, reflective stuff. I know there are reflectors, and head lamps you can throw on, but there’s no way I’m using that stuff. I’m looking for coats and pants that are bright and/or reflective. Complete Running shares an interesting choice this week.

I’d love to hear what you experienced runners use/wear when running in the dark, wintry months. I would especially like to hear from you Midwesterners who run in the cold.



1. JVP - November 16, 2007

This doesn’t exactly fit the bill of what you described, but I recently picked up this vest at my local Dick’s Sporting Goods. I’ve been very happy with it. The thing I like is that It’s very lightweight and mesh-y, so it doesn’t impact the temperature of my clothing. And it’s made for running so it doesn’t restrict your movement. I can wear it in any weather and during any season. And I’m not stuck deciding between comfort or safety as I might be if my most reflective clothes didn’t quite fit the weather of the day.

I did a “test run” (yes I’m a nerd) where my wife graciously sat in the car with the headlights on, and she was shocked at how well the vest lit up, even when I ran over 0.1 mile down the street.

2. JVP - November 16, 2007

Oh, I do wear a headlamp too. Like I said, I’m a nerd.

3. Joe - November 16, 2007

Yeah, I saw Half-Fast link to something like that today. Looks like a great idea. Thanks for the link!

4. moorereason - November 19, 2007

I’ve done almost all my running at night, and the only thing I’ve used (so far) is a pair of reflective ankle bracelet things. I happened upon them on the Wal-mart sporting goods clearance shelf. I think they cost me less than $4. They’ve worked great, but I haven’t used them with pants yet — only shorts. If I start wearing pants, I may need to come up with another plan.

5. Day 75: Back To Running « Moore Pressure - November 20, 2007

[…] and 43°, respectively. I may finally have to wear pants, which means I’ll need to find some reflective gear to wear since the reflective ankle bracelets I’ve been wearing probably won’t work well […]

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