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Tea-Rx November 21, 2007

Posted by Joe in diet, health.

My wife is a tea aficionado. I like diet Coke (I’m so sophisticated.) For a number of reasons, primarily for better health, I started drinking tea over a month ago and have really come to enjoy it. Despite razzing from a few friends who remind me how dainty I now am as a tea drinker, the beverage is becoming my drink of choice.

Hot tea appealed to me this fall because it’s warm and I’m cold, it’s inexpensive at the coffee shop and I’m cheap, and most importantly it’s really good for me. This morning I read this article on the benefits of drinking tea in Runner’s World and learned a few new things.

Tea also has more health benefits than the other caffeinated options. Along with trace vitamins and minerals, tea is rich in a class of disease-fighting antioxidants known as polyphenols, which can help prevent cancer and heart disease. Studies have also credited tea with improving dental health, aiding weight loss, boosting immunity, and increasing bone density.

It’s a great article laying out the benefits of the different kinds of tea (black, green, white and herbal), and even recommends specific flavors for getting started. Check it out.



1. Amy - November 22, 2007

I am right with you on your first love of Diet Coke. It is such a wonderful beverage – it goes with everything and dresses up the ordinary. Ok, not really, but is still a fav. My sis and I had a similar conversation about tea last weekend. I know I need to drink it – but ewwww it doesn’t have the same happy bubbles or taste.

About your question of the Dekalb sign – it was in front of the entrance to a corn maze in Altoona IA this fall. I wish we were closer – it would be fun to meet and run.

2. Joe - November 22, 2007

Yeah, tea is definitely a different drink, but the cold weather has made it an easier transition. Instead of a mocha, I get a hot tea. That DeKalb sign threw me. It has the same graphic an everything. have a happy Thanksgiving!

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