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More Winter Running Advice November 25, 2007

Posted by Joe in cold, gear, running.
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The Winter Survival Guide at The Final Sprint offers good, conventional wisdom and some specific products.

The Winter Running Plan at Runner’s World offers a three point plan for the winter months: maintain at least three non-consecutive days of running, do speed work, and plan for your next race(s) to stay motivated. Good stuff and a very quick read.



1. runchilde - November 25, 2007

lol. i am a spitter when i (was) running and i’m a chick so i take it seriously, it makes me feel like a bad ass! i don’t know why but yeah, i feel better afterwards.

as for the cold. i don’t know.. i’m in new hampshire and it is DAMN cold here. i finally have enough of a fitness base to maybe go outside and run, but now its dark at night and dark in the morning and cold all the time. i may just stick w/ the treadmill or try the indoor track at the college…but no spitting in either of those cases!

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