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Day 183: I’m Turning Japanese. November 26, 2007

Posted by Joe in 8 miles.
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Monday. 8 miles in 1:23:33. Man, this run felt very good. I ran out slower than I came back and I feel great after.

I started eating sushi around the time I began running. At first I was just curious (we have some pretty nice sushi bars in the area), but it turns out I like it. Additionally, much of it is healthy, filling and inexpensive. So about once a week I stop in from some nigiri or maki.

Then this morning I saw that the bathhouse is making a comeback in Tokyo. Runners are making use of the sento (Japanese bathhouse) in Tokyo to store their clothes during a run and to clean up after. That’s gotta beat a sink bath – which I have had to do when running while at the office.



1. Topher - November 28, 2007

Dude, I lived in Japan twice and sentos and onsens (sort of the upscale, spa version of a sento) ROCKETH! Seriously, you wouldn’t believe how your body feels when you leave. Words really can’t describe. Oh, how I long for one after every run. The closest thing to that feeling I’ve come across here in the states is a long stay in a steamroom followed by a sit in a hot tub, followed by another sit in the steamroom.

Sushi is also a favorite. Lots of people dog on it, calling it a Japanese sugar cube because of the white rice, and they are the same ones who dog on white rice, but that’s my pasta. I eat sticky rice nearly every day, and can’t tell you the last time I had pasta.

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