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Day 185: “Running” vs running. November 28, 2007

Posted by Joe in 5 mile run.
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Wednesday. 5.5 miles in 57:41. This was one of those days when I would be “running” from 5am to 9pm with little time to really run. So I brought my running clothes to the church offices, and squeezed a 5 mile run in between appointments. It was cool, but not cold, and getting dark early – like all November afternoons. The run was very enjoyable (that does not mean easy), and I was happy to run a different route today through roads I rode my bike on as a child. The run took me through parts of Saint Charles and Geneva.

After my run I checked by voice mail while stretching – and my last appointment was canceled. I was looking forward to it, but this means I get home at a decent time, and get to eat and spend time with the family. Oh. And no sink bath at the church office. Nice.



1. roadrunnerchick - November 29, 2007

Some days just feel like interval training for me. Run fast for a while; slow to moderate pace, trying to recover; then back at a fast pace again; repeat. Sometimes the intervals last all day, from sun up until son (or sons & hubby) down.

I’m a homeschooling/running mom of two high school guys and that’s just the way my days look in this season. When I get particularly frazzled with the interval thing in life, I try to see it from the perspective that I give my interval (INT) runs in my running life: they serve the purpose of strengthening me, of tapping into the stretching of my running beyond its current limits of speed and/or endurance, of pushing me beyond where I think I can go today.

Kudos on packing the gear to take along for when your day opened up for the opportunity to run. Be ready. For whatever the Lord has for you this day.

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