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Alternative Lacing December 1, 2007

Posted by Joe in gear, shoes.
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laces.jpgHave a “hot spot” on the top of your foot from your shoe? Toes feel cramped? Are your shoes too tight across the top of your foot? Susan Rinkunas of Runners World breaks down four alternative ways to lace our shoes for a better fit – with video. Each video is under two minutes, and is easy to follow. If you have the right shoes, but still need a better fit check it out. An added bonus, I can now fix the laces of my nephew’s shoes so he can “look cool” without any laces crossing each other.



1. Topher - December 1, 2007

what a coincidence. I just discovered that Runner’s World has videos last night because we just got high-speed internet. I’m getting ready to blog about it. I’ll have to check out the lacing video, too.

2. melee. - December 1, 2007

i’m a big fan of the alternative lacing “movement.” i accidently bought some shoes on sale a half size too big. i couldn’t return them and had to find a method of lacing that kept my heels from slipping when i ran so as to prevent blisters. good post idea.

3. jason - December 1, 2007

I think my wife is going to try some alternative lacings. She was just complaining this morning about her shoes. I’ve been pretty lucky with shoes so no changes for me, besides I already get weird looks for the way I dress, could you imagine the looks I’ll get if I use option four (two seperate sets of laces on the same foot)


4. melee. - December 3, 2007

wired magazine has some other lacing options:

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