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Day 197: From Satisfaction to Joy December 10, 2007

Posted by Joe in 5k.
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Monday. 3.1 miles in 29:32. We have a few inches of snow covering the ground here. The streets are pretty clear today, and the temps were perfect, 29°, so I didn’t even wear a jacket. ‘Just ran at a comfortable pace, and really enjoyed the run.

I was thinking about that during the run, “I am really enjoying this.” I can remember early on, when I started this whole running deal, that I didn’t always (or even often) enjoy the run itself, but was always satisfied that I was doing it. And satisfaction after the fact was always big. But at some point I began really enjoying most of my runs. I suppose this is the gift of perseveranc in running. Awesome.



1. melee. - December 12, 2007

as the aussies say, “good on ya mate.”
enjoying a good run despite its inherent struggle is my favorite oddity about runners. after i recovered enough to stand up and hobble home after my most recent ankle sprain, i fought my way home thinking that, in spite of my pain, i was thankful to have been out running.

2. jason - December 13, 2007

Told you it would happen 🙂

How cool is it that you enjoy running now? Congrats man.

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