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Looking forward: 2008 January 6, 2008

Posted by Joe in personal.
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Last week, even this weekend, I was really bummed out. I haven’t run since Christmas?! What the heck? Okay, the holidays made it tough, but I ran through Thanksgiving. Then the weather has been a nightmare up here. The cold isn’t so bad, but the amount of snow and ice has made it rough, sometimes impossible for me to get out. And then I got sick – just in time for the first week of 2008. I was pumped and ready to run (“snow or no”), but I was in bed being unproductive in just about every area of life.  Starting off the new year by not starting at all was depressing.

But I’m okay with it tonight, because I realize that a setback is not the end. And, setbacks are inevitable. I haven’t gained back any weight (thank God). More importantly, I love running. It has never been a drudgery for me since I started back in May of ’07. It is one of my greatest joys. Does that sound corny? I mean it. I am not bummed because 2008 will be the year I wind up in the best shape of my life. Literally. This is going to be a great year!



1. kyle. - January 7, 2008

realizing that you’d rather be out “killing” yourself than enjoying the warmth and comfort of the couch is a sign that you’re gonna make it.

2. Joe - January 7, 2008

Thanks kyle. I am getting ready to run in this freaky-warm weather right now. It’s in the 50’s this morning.

3. runchilde - January 7, 2008

one of the things that the pastor i like says is “a setback is usually a setup for a comeback” so you’ll be rested and the fact that you have a passion for and are EXCITED about your running is a nice way to supercharge into you 08 running/training plan! you remain an inspiration!

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