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A Saturday Record. January 12, 2008

Posted by Joe in 3 miles.

Not the kind of “record” you’re thinking of. I mean this is a record of my Saturday.

3.0 miles in 27:26. Woke up at 6am, watched the news, had a light breakfast and went to the church offices for a leadership development meeting (may sound boring, but was a really good time). Afterward I came home, played with the kids a bit, fell asleep on the couch for 10 minutes, and was awoke by my wife’s return with groceries. I brought the groceries in and then stepped out for an easy run.

It was 36° (warm for this time of year) and the sun decided to join me. I didn’t want to push myself today; I was anticipating an easy pace that would feel hard. But as soon as my feet hit the street I knew things were getting back to normal. The run felt fantastic. This really encourages me for next week. In keeping with things getting back to normal – two big, unleashed dogs jumped out at me barking and carrying on. Lovely.

I walked back into the house sweating and feeling great, and the kids were bouncing off the walls, waiting for me to return so we could open Christmas presents from Germany – they finally arrived while I was running. So I stretched while we all opened wonderful gifts from “Oma.” Now the kids are simultaneously playing their flute and glockenspiel. Though it can’t be considered traditionally “melodious,” the kids’ are making a beautiful noise. I have to grab a shower and take on the kids in a racing game on PS2. After, we’ll have a light (but delicious) dinner.



1. Amy - January 12, 2008

Even though it wasn’t that kind of record – it was even faster than your post a few days ago – way to go.

2. lisam2425 - January 13, 2008

There’s nothing like a fantastic run! Our non-running friends can not fathom how such a seamingly strenuous excercise can feel so awesome. Yesterday must have been a great day to run, because my husband and I had one of those perfect runs too when the sky has never looked bluer and the pine trees have never looked greener and you are certain that God couldn’t have created a more perfect day if He tried. Those kind of runs make you feel at peace with yourself and your surroundings regardless of what you may be facing in the days ahead.

3. Joe - January 13, 2008

Thanks guys. I am looking forward to Monday’s run quite a bit.

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