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9 Reasons You Should Run February 4, 2008

Posted by Joe in 5k.
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I have not been blogging much – crazy busy on my end. But things are getting back to normal, so the blogging should pick up. I went out for an easy 5k (29:54) today in the rain/snow combo. At least it was warm (39°). I will pick up with more frequent updates on my progress as well, especially as February kicks in to full gear and I start preparing for my first race. I shared the following on another blog of mine, trying to lure friends into running.

9 reasons you should run.

1. It’s cheap and easy to learn.
I started running in old, cheap trainers, and decade old shorts and tees. Go online, visit the library, cover the basics and you are off and running. Literally. There are high-end gadgets and clothing, but so far I have avoided all of that.

2. It produces results fast.
Internal and external changes happen very quickly. Weight loss is noticed first, but your heart reaps benefits quickly as well.

After a few months of running, your heart’s walls thicken and the ventricles (internal chambers) increase in size. As a result, more blood is sent to your lungs with each heartbeat, and your resting pulse can decline by 20 per cent or more. What’s more, if you run for 145 minutes per week, you are on average 40 per cent less likely to have a heart attack.

3. It reduces stress and makes you feel better.

4. It strengthens your knees and joints.
Don’t listen to your friends. Running will not kill your knees. The short version of the truth is – improper running is the cause of injury, proper running strengthens the body.

5. It fights disease.

6. It connects you to your community in new ways.
You will meet new people, and see and relate to your neighborhood differently when you start running it (more on that later).

7. It will boost your self-esteem.
I’m not encouraging pride here. My point is that many of us, the couch potatoes and the never-has-beens, give up before we begin. I was never an athlete before I started running, and I was completely unaware what the human body was capable of – what my body was capable of. If you start running you will start believing that you can do more than you ever thought.

8. You probably need to run. Just look at yourself.

9. God made you to run.
Why do you have a butt? To run. You don’t really use it otherwise (sitting shouldn’t count as a use).

On the other hand, Ian’s suggestion is that you quit before you get started.



1. AndrewE - February 4, 2008

Great post. I’ve just started. I’m doing the C25K program and these reasons just add to my motivation.

2. Joe - February 4, 2008

That’s great Andrew. Stick with it man, you’ll fall in love with running if you haven’t already.

3. Josh - February 5, 2008

Thats the best. “Why do you have a butt?” Sitting doesn’t count huh?
I think I like number eight the best but number four is still what bothers me.

4. Amy - February 9, 2008

Great post Joe! Can I add it as an article on the Lounge! I think others would really enjoy it.

5. Joe - February 9, 2008

Of course Amy. Glad you liked it.

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