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Coming Together April 30, 2008

Posted by Joe in goals.
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Wednesday. 10k in 1:03.39 (10:15 pace). I woke up this morning, had something to eat and went out for a run – my first 10k of the year. I decided to take it easy and not push myself hard. There’s always this little fear in the back of my mind that I’ll burn out and have to walk a portion of the run. So I mapped it out and ran at a comfortable pace. The run was excellent, I am happy with my time and I feel great.

I feel like things are finally coming together for me… almost four months into the year. The winter was a disaster since I hardly ran. Not running led to me to not care about eating smart. Those two things together led to a plateau in weight-loss. But I am running pretty regular now and am feeling great. I start my training for the half-marathon in a couple weeks.

Oh, be sure and check out Nik and Dan’s podcast, 4 Feet Running. I downloaded an episode today and loved it. They seem to be fun and funny people. Nik (girl) is a marathoner and Dan (dude) is a newbie. I will be going through all their past episodes.