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PR and KY April 14, 2008

Posted by Joe in running.
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Monday. 5 miles in 49:21 (9:52 pace). Hey, look at that. That’s a 5 mile PR baby! Still, the thought of me running the half marathon is a bit intimidating for me. I am glad I have ample time to better myself and train. Tomorrow I am traveling to Louisville, KY for a conference and will work in a run downtown. I wont have time to drive anywhere, so I’ll have to head out from the Hyatt Regency. I’ve got a 5k mapped out and hope I can make it work with the traffic.



1. Jeff - April 14, 2008

There are lots of places to run in Louisville. I have been there once and it is nice. I believe 6th street is where all the dining and restaurants are. Just stay with the restaurants with an A rating. Good luck. The bat museum is a cool attraction also.

2. AndrewE - April 14, 2008

Way to go. PRs are always rather satisfying.

3. Curtis - April 15, 2008

what time are you planning on running Monday morning?

4. Curtis - April 15, 2008

Sorry, I meant to ask what time you were planning to run Tuesday morning?

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