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Catching Up May 6, 2008

Posted by Joe in 5 mile run.
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I haven’t posted in a while, so let’s catch up.

Sunday 3.1 miles. It was a beautiful day, and it worked out that I had time for a run (and an extra shower – I have to figure those in too). So I headed out and didn’t try to push myself too hard and came in with a nice 28:23. That’s solid for me, and is beginning to feel like my comfortable pace for a 5k. I want to push on that this week.

Monday was also great and the kids wanted to go for a run. Katherine (6) can run a mile, but Elias is only 4 and I didn’t want to push him, so we went out for a 1/2 mile fun run. The kids loved it.

Tuesday. 5.1 miles in… awww come on! 56:01! This was a terrible run. I started off great, but was tiring at the half-way point and had to stop shortly after and walk a bit. For like 5 minutes! I started back up but had to take two more walk breaks. This was very frustrating/disappointing. I just ran 6.2 miles without a break in  1:03.39. I don’t think it was the heat (first 80° day of the year) that slowed me down. Maybe it was because I skipped breakfast. Not enough water? I’m just a wuss? Whatever.

But here’s the thing – I still feel great after. I was frustrated during my run, but now that I’ve stretched and cooled off – I feel fantastic (and hungry). So, that’s good. I’ll rest tomorrow and run a 5k on Thursday. Even with a less than ideal run, I still love it.



1. AndrewE - May 6, 2008

Good stuff. Sounds like you are enjoying your running.

2. Matt - May 7, 2008

Joe, do you have a weekly plan you stick to? like 4 days a week with 2 hard runs, etc…

Or, do you just go with the flow?

3. Joe - May 7, 2008

This spring I have just been trying to get in four runs a week with one long(er) run in on Saturdays. But I am transitioning to a plan I’ve worked out for the summer that will get me ready for a half marathon race.

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