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Running in Louisville May 11, 2008

Posted by Joe in 5k.
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I was out of town for the weekend (officiating a wedding for friends in Louisville) and was excited to go for a run on Saturday morning. I grabbed a coffee and bagel for breakfast at this Heine Bros in the Crescent Hill neighborhood and later ran a 5k mostly down Frankfort Ave. Louisville is a great city with some fantastic historic neighborhoods. The run was very comfortable and fun.

As I was running on Frankfort I passed the window of a gym filled with people running in place in treadmills. I looked at them and they looked at me and I nodded as I ran by. I couldn’t help but think how strange it was. They are paying money to run on a treadmills that face out a window where they watch others run by for free. Outside. Where its really nice. I don’t get it.

I am very tired from the trip, and plan on taking a nap (I get about one nap every three months or so) later today (Sunday). No running until tomorrow.



1. christov10 - July 7, 2008

Hey mon,

I used to lift in that gym back in the nineties. Usually mid-way through a seven or so mile walk. What a great area. While at seminary, I worked at Frankfort Avenue Shell, which later became Crescent Hill Chevron.

Your post brought back memories.



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